make-it-better monday – with cows

Some folks just don’t like Mondays.  I don’t entirely understand it – I can’t imagine taking one whole day of the week and hating it, anymore than I can imagine hating mornings.  But there are people who don’t like mornings, either, so I might be an anomaly.

I’ve always wanted to be an anomaly.

For some time, I’ve wanted to do something to improve the situation, and I conceived of “make-it-better Monday” posts.  I have lots of different ideas, mostly still in my head or in draft-post form.  Today, the new MIBM post I had in mind took longer to write than I had for it.



One of my favourite The Far Side cartoons by Gary Larson:

Depending on the kind of Monday you’ve had, you might need more than this.

For your entertainment, amusement, and/or mood-enhancement, I offer cows & cows & cows.


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