100 things I love in the world – autumn

Inspired by HulySeventy’s lists here and here, and also Ashley E., I made mine mostly seasonal.  This wasn’t hard at all: there is a lot to love in the world.

  1. sound of a lawnmower – last mow of the season
  2. pine cones
  3. boots with dresses
  4. deep blue sky
  5. candlelit dinners
  6. an owl hooting
  7. harvest moon rising
  8. fat squirrels
  9. light filtering through the last green leaves on a maple tree
  10. windfall apples
  11. peaches
  12. snap of fresh green string beans
  13. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  14. clever repartée
  15. birthday month
  16. scent of wood smoke
  17. kicking leaves
  18. suede blazers
  19. the same black beret I’ve worn for 15 years
  20. fireplaces
  21. college football – Go Irish!
  22. board games
  23. stews and soups
  24. muffins
  25. Thanksgiving dinner – ham
  26. high school seniors
  27. bite-size Hallowe’en candy
  28. hearing the furnace come on
  29. hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows
  30. cinnamon, cloves, and ginger
  31. back to school
  32. new pencils + fresh notebooks
  33. knee socks
  34. Kenny Chesney’s “Boys of Fall
  35. Moleskine journals
  36. flirting
  37. flannel sheets
  38. pumpkin spice lattés (I don’t drink them – I just love how excited folks get.)
  39. clusters of black-eyed-susans in front-yard gardens
  40. Japanese Anemones
  41. that instant just half a breath before my husband kisses me
  42. NPR
  43. walking in the front door of home
  44. Molly Moon’s pear sorbet
  45. singing along to music in the car
  46. Pilates mat class
  47. having friends from other countries
  48. passionate people making the world a better place
  49. the delight in my mother’s voice when she hears my voice on the phone
  50. my dog’s growl-purr when we pet her
  51. foot rubs
  52. good Scotch
  53. cups and saucers from my Nana’s kitchen
  54. laughing out loud
  55. first jobs
  56. my husband’s travel photos
  57. sun coming out after a grey start to the day
  58. Batman party streamers
  59. slippers
  60. red cards
  61. brightly-coloured handbags
  62. people who meet for coffee every week – same day, same time, same table
  63. fountain pens
  64. heated car seats (mine aren’t, but I still love them when I find them)
  65. pebbled glass
  66. Moomintroll
  67. making a wish
  68. stacks of pumpkins on hay bales
  69. patterned Wellies
  70. finding something in common with a stranger
  71. that old-book smell
  72. fireweed honey
  73. pirate costumes
  74. zing of freshly-cut wood
  75. eavesdropping in coffee shops
  76. lavender
  77. hot buttered popcorn
  78. opening a hand-written letter
  79. Mum’s homemade peach-pineapple preserve
  80. molé
  81. morning fog on the lake
  82. live theatre
  83. strong hands
  84. antique streetlights
  85. Hector
  86. cornfield mazes
  87. red trench-coats
  88. Christmas cactus
  89. cobblestone paving bricks
  90. grooming horses
  91. heavy paper
  92. sparkling water
  93. old jeans
  94. farmers’ markets
  95. buckles
  96. lighthouses
  97. Hello Kitty! band-aids
  98. train whistles
  99. wrist warmers
  100. flash mob dances


  • Thank you, Sarah Jean. I do, too. The glasses (a pair in each colour) were a first anniversary present from a dear friend. We also have two lumpy, squarish snack plates in each colour (which makes them sound much less cute than they really are), and the whole effect is delicious in candlelight.

  • I have visited today many times. Trying hard to fill up on positive cuz going through another scare similar to last year. More testing and hopeful that it is “nothing” again.

    Things I love in the world:
    1. My daughter’s laugh.
    2. The sound of my daughter and husband playing Halo together (gruesome, I know)
    3. cold, crisp mornings
    4. colored leaves falling to the ground and the patterns they make when I drive through a pile.
    5. friends
    6. bubble wrap
    7. chocolate….I will work on this some more.

  • Oh sister. You are so brilliant.
    I love the following items in your list most:
    boots and dresses
    nanna’s cups and saucers
    cornfield mazes
    batman streamers (really? awesome!)
    laughing out loud (usually till it hurts a little or tears come or both)
    knee socks
    farmer’s markets (especially if you can inclue item 1 and flirting even if it is just with tasty food items… yum)
    old jeans (delicious)
    pumpkins pilled on hay bails awesome!
    I like specifically the smell of grooming horses.

    Items I will add:
    Halloween! I love trick or treating (yes i still do it)
    I love the smell of crisp leaves on a sunny day, as the sun warms the forest floor.
    I love dressing up and costumes and making them in crafty time.
    I love harvest baking/making/eating so very much!
    I love the abundance of harvest. I feel so grateful!

    I love you millions.

  • Kim, I am so glad to coming here is a source of cheer and positive for you – I couldn’t ask for my blog to do anything better or more. Also: I completely forgot bubble wrap. Thank you for adding that. Hugs to you.

  • Sister E, SO glad to see you visiting, and I love your comments. It’s fun to know which items on my list resonate with yours.

    If you come down on a weekend (up to 20 November), we can go to the farmers’ market in dresses and boots and flirt with pumpkins piled on hay bales, while surely laughing out loud. Afterward, we’ll go home and drink lattes from Nana’s cups.

    It is super-fun to see how much you love Hallowe’en. Also: there a couple of pics of batman streamers in the album of pics from K’s birthday party on my facebook. xox

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