feeling better already

Over the last two weeks, my computer and I have both been sick.  The cold is hanging on rather longer than I would like, and the computer gave indications of being willing to heal, before repeated relapses.

Basically, the prognosis is much better for me. I’m almost back to my old self.

The computer, on the other hand, has been traded in for a new model.  All the rest of my electronics are on notice – this gal is not fooling around.

The new system seems to be up and running – looks functional, acts functional, shall we call it a duck? – and I am eager to get back to writing and taking pictures and doing research and all the other things that make my heart sing.

Today, when I checked my email, I opened a wonderful surprise, the kind of thing that makes it all much better when the norm has been a bit too much on the craptastic side:

I won something. Something GREAT.

Last week, Tracey Clark of Shutter Sisters posted about vulnerability, featuring the lovely Brené Brown.

Brené’s work is powerful and important, tender and brave.  (I’ve written about Brené here (down at the bottom) and here.)

One lucky commenter would win a 2-book/DVD gift from Brené.  The comment/image was to be related to “tenderness, imperfection, and the poetry of vulnerability”.

Here is what I wrote:

Being a mother has opened my heart and soul to tenderness, vulnerability, and yes, imperfection, in ways I never imagined. I pictured myself with more children, always wanted more, but have had to accept – and along the way have learned to embrace – that I will only have the one child.  What a treasure she is.

I linked it to this image.

Soon, I will receive a package in the mail, containing I Thought It Was Just Me and The Gifts of Imperfection (books), and The Hustle for Worthiness DVD.  I know my comment was chosen at random, but it is still thrilling.

I won something.  Something GREAT.  And I am beyond excited.

Thank you, Brené and Tracey.


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