it is almost here…

In the summer, when the release date still seemed very far away, I wrote a post about a book. A book I could hardly wait to read.

That book is nearly here.

*do a little dance*

My last post about this adequately conveys my fangirl appreciation for Karen Walrond.  Her blog, Chookooloonks, is the one I go to every day.  I am ridiculously excited for this book, and for Karen, who conceived and lived her dreams to create it.


I think the pub date was pushed out a couple of times.  I know I wrote September in that earlier post.  Maybe that was just wishful thinking.

You can order it now – The Beauty of Different is available from Bright Sky Press and Amazon.

You’ll want to.

I think it will make a wonderful Christmas gift.  (If you get one, you don’t have to act surprised.  I know you’ll be delighted.)


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