trust+gratitude+inspiration friday: helping each other

Last night (actually, it was late afternoon, but with the shorter days, it felt like deep of night), I came home from a delicious visit (food + conversation + unwavering support) with my sister Elizabeth.

To find that my something GREAT had arrived while I was away.

You know how tech-geeks like to document the opening of the box containing a new computer/laptop/gaming system/whatever?

That is how I feel with this package.  I know what is in it, and I can hardly wait.

First wonderful thing: it is addressed to “the amazing Jet Harrington”.  Wow.

It is a beautiful thing to receive hand-addressed mail to your amazing self.  If you have not had the pleasure,  I would like to change that.

Seriously.  If you give me your address, I will send you a hand-addressed note.  (I’m sure I can manage that with the size of my readership.)

Next wonderful thing: in the package is a collection of wonder, beauty, and courage.  I can hardly wait to get started reading and watching.

Also kinda fun: I tried out the webcam on my new laptop to get the snap above.  I clicked on nearly every button there, including turning myself into a teddy-bear, and adding snowflakes to the background.

My favourites were putting my photo up in Times Square and this one:

I trust:

  • that I really am enough
  • that my stories are not too (raw, tender, much, exposed…)

I am grateful for:

  • Brené Brown and her perfect protest (I’m #98)
  • my sisters Catherine and Elizabeth, who support and believe in me, and never hear me put myself down without totally calling me on it

I am inspired by:

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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