the opposite of this

Today, we had our first snowfall of the season.  Actually, we had our first snowfall of two seasons, as we didn’t get any snow at our house last year.  (Folks in other parts of Seattle did, but we did not.)

Morning opened with the eerie reflective glow of dark clouds against snow on the ground.  And the day hasn’t changed much since then – flakes changed size, but kept falling all day.

We’re told it will get down to the low 20s overnight, and that we will not break the freezing mark tomorrow, with wind chill down to zero.



Yeah, it’s pretty much the opposite of this, which was taken in May, when Ed and I delivered the boat back from the repair yard.  See also: anyone want to buy a boat?


  • Thank you! The astonishing part for me is that this was taken on my little Canon PowerShot. I picked it up for our college visits – less obtrusive than my big DSLR – and I like it for (some) other things, too. The day really was like this – I upped the contrast a touch in PSE, to match what I saw that day, but nearly SOOC.

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