bonus #cheer – Santa Claws

Simon’s Cat is at it again.  Here is their Christmas greeting:


Christmas calendar: we are getting our tree today.  It will smell like Christmas here tonight.


  • Aw! How cute. I love his little meows.
    Although I wonder if Simon has been feeding his cat a lot of table scraps… I think kitty needs to do some stairs with Chi.

  • His little meows are pretty cute. I love this whole series – the creativity is awesome. Kitty is a little, um… wider than last year, isn’t he. Maybe a New Stairs Resolution is in order?

  • if simon is interested in having some pet-stair-dates i would be interested in entertaining that possibility. he seems nice. and i like his kitty.

  • Sister-there, I love how supportive you are of everyone achieving their highest good. Simon does seem nice. Especially when he didn’t choke his kitty after being bonked on the head as a wake-up call. Mew.

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