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Happy Solstice!

We have been hunkered down here, lighting candles, playing our favourite Christmas music, baking, and (finally) getting the last ornaments on our tree, landing the angel on the top-most branch.

Yesterday afternoon, new friends joined us while we made our holy grail of Christmas treats. The conversation and warmth in our kitchen was a balm and a joy.

And last night, two of Kristina’s dearest friends came over to comfort her, to keep her company through one of her darkest nights.  We watched White Christmas, enjoying every minute.

Later, we went out on the porch to peer up at the moon, wondering at the cosmic forces at work to create a lunar eclipse.  Wondering at the way ancient peoples might have explained it to each other.  Wondering at the science we have explain it.  Wondering at the way science doesn’t detract – rather, adds – to the magic for us.

Shortly after totality, the clouds committed to covering the sky.  We didn’t see the light emerge again from the other side.

But we knew it would.

Much as, even in the midst of Kristina’s heart-break now, she can know light will come again.

Another new friend and artist, Julia Fehrenbacher, posed a lovely pair of questions on her Painted Path site recently:

What would love do now?

What if the answer to this question is all that really matters?

I am taking this to heart.

The sun has crested the trees now, shining glorious rays into the shortest day.  (That is the view from my office, above.)

Tomorrow the little hands of summer will start pulling each day just a few minutes longer.  This image sustains me through the darkness of the next six weeks.  It seems to take that long for me to really appreciate – really believe – that spring is on its way.

This is my wish that you find light and magic in your day.


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