does an orchid think about such things?

Another of my students wrote her college essay about weeds – what she admires about weeds, and the different perspectives people hold.  This is from her essay, used with permission.

A difficult environment makes me strong;
a favourable environment makes me optimistic.

This student has been speaking English for only two years.


  • I am soooo glad that you are seeing all the wonder I see in the young people in our community. Too many adults just lump them all together as hoodlums and laze-abouts when in reality we have amazing young people in our communities who should be celebrated even more. Thank you for all the work you are doing in helping them realize their dreams.

    • Thank you, Sarah – the flowers in Hawaii are so amazing: the shapes, the colours, they way they leap out from the greens of the jungle, or just quietly sleep in the shade of huge trees. The place is amazing. The banner shot called to me – it’s a small piece of a much larger photo, and I like the almost abstract feel of it.

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