100 things I love in the world – winter

The sequel to this autumn list.

  1. candy canes
  2. the quiet of new-fallen snow
  3. Dar Williams’ The Christians and the Pagans
  4. gingerbread
  5. poinsettias
  6. tree skeletons and snags
  7. wearing my black beret every day
  8. Solstice
  9. wrist warmers
  10. making snow angels
  11. candles at the dinner table every night
  12. no more leaves to fall on the driveway
  13. the smell of baking in the house
  14. Dear Rebecca, Winter is Here
  15. Salvation Army bell-ringers
  16. watercolour sunsets on every sunny day
  17. creative wrapping that is part of the present
  18. the smell of a Christmas tree
  19. this heavenly cream that keeps my hands soft, even in cold/dry air
  20. the doorbell ringing when we anticipate company
  21. a lit fireplace
  22. Nanaimo Bars
  23. holly with red berries
  24. a wreath on/near the door
  25. sweeping snow from the stairs while it is still powdery
  26. champagne
  27. smiling at a stranger just because
  28. White Christmas, enjoyed unironically
  29. wool slippers
  30. little kids so bundled up they look like colourful snowmen
  31. handmade Christmas cards and tags
  32. getting out the Christmas dishes
  33. snow-covered mountains
  34. sunset reflected on snow-covered mountains
  35. heated car seats (I don’t have them, but a girl can dream.)
  36. leather driving gloves
  37. four-wheel drive
  38. living indoors
  39. Sarah McLachlan singing Gordon Lightfoot’s Song for a Winter’s Night
  40. school choirs
  41. Aurora Borealis
  42. pine cones
  43. working with high school seniors on college applications and essays
  44. the first green tips of bulbs emerging from wet earth
  45. reflecting on the old year
  46. preparing for the new
  47. picking a gift tag for the giving tree
  48. easy-peel oranges (that’s what my brother and I called mandarins or clementines)
  49. warm spiced wine
  50. cappuccino truffles
  51. The Christmas Tree – a story about finding the tree for Rockefeller Centre
  52. imagining that tree at Rockefeller Centre – it’s on my list to see the tree-lighting there one day
  53. vanilla beans in sugar
  54. cinnamon sticks
  55. the swirl of cold air that follows people in the door
  56. college students coming home for the holidays
  57. hot water bottles
  58. reindeer candle holders
  59. vacuuming up the needles from the tree and having it smell like Christmas every time I vacuum after that
  60. picking one little word for the new year
  61. frost on grass
  62. icicles
  63. blue jays at the feeder
  64. churches
  65. a hot bath in a clawfoot tub
  66. flannel sheets
  67. scotch
  68. the sound of zippers from wet coats in the dryer
  69. curling up with a blanket and a good book on the couch
  70. storm-watching
  71. walking on the carpets of fir needles in the woods
  72. an owl hooting in the dark
  73. a menorah in a window
  74. colourful knee socks peeking above boots
  75. a star atop a tree
  76. an angel atop a tree
  77. children building a snowman outside
  78. how much bigger the living room feels after we take the tree down
  79. choosing and starting a wall calendar for the new year
  80. crisp, clear nights to go star-watching
  81. a sliver of moon
  82. icicles hanging from the roof
  83. walking five miles uphill both ways IN THE SNOW
  84. spider webs dipped in frost
  85. holding hands around the dinner table to give thanks
  86. suet bird feeders with a crowd of birds around them
  87. board-game parties
  88. trying new cookie/treat recipes
  89. packing a plate of homemade baking to take to a friend
  90. arriving on someone’s doorstep bearing gifts
  91. when the gift is JUST RIGHT
  92. believing
  93. writing thank-you notes
  94. seeing nests in winter trees
  95. migration of Snow Geese
  96. hanging snowflakes in a window
  97. Super Bowl Sunday
  98. the way my dog puts her head on my lap when I’ve been at my desk too long
  99. Valentine’s Day
  100. people who send out valentines instead of Christmas cards

Inspired by HulySeventy’s lists here and here, and also Ashley E., I made mine mostly seasonal.  This wasn’t hard at all was a lot harder for winter than for autumn: still, there is a lot to love in the world.


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