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I don’t spend much time watching the news.  Much (most?) of it is filled with sensational headlines, meaningless sound bites, empty commentary, and finger-pointing blame.

Not much to go on there, when I am trying to be an informed citizen, living a life of hope and gratitude and community.

So I am sometimes a little behind the curve on breaking news.

Still, it did not take long to hear about the Arizona shootings.  And to be horrified by a young man’s violent acts, the grief caused by those acts, and the political climate in which those acts occurred.

Jon Stewart’s monologue Monday night was a poignant heart-felt call to all of us to create something better.  He said,

Someone or something will shatter our world again.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if we didn’t take a moment to make sure that the world we are creating now – that will ultimately be shattered again by a moment of lunacy – wouldn’t it be a shame if that world wasn’t better than the one we previously lost?

Another measured response came from Lesbian Dad in this post, with many links that put this act of violence in context.

Let’s take a moment – or many moments – to think before we speak, to look for the larger context of individual stories, to educate ourselves about the issues we vote on, to form our own opinions, and to commit to a better, safer world.


Please read Brené Brown’s thoughts on the politics of tragedy and fear (although that photograph is very hard to look at).

And you won’t want to miss this über-brief discussion of what’s needed for compelling communication.

In case you missed it Monday or elsewhere on these interwebs, Jon Stewart:

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  • Thank you, Jet, for that mention. And for the call for us all to find the better parts of ourselves. My sincerest hope is that a critical mass, a statistically significant chunk of us, keep that appeal to our better selves alive long enough to really effect some substantive change, in the wake of the tragedy Tucson. I think we can. Folks like us working together can do it.

    So thanks again. And by the way: I hate sulphur in dried fruit! Makes me choke! There! Another point of connection. 😉

    • Welcome, Polly, and thank you for your comments. I believe we can. I know there are people with compassion and common sense in equal measure. My hope – that there are enough people willing to take a breath, pause to think, and remember that the other guy has worries and fears also.

      That random list on the side changes on a pretty regular basis – it’s fun to see who connects with what. We are all in the same boat, really.

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