seven unexpected delights

This photo of my twig reindeer, taken as I was finally deconstructing Christmas.

This cookbook from my sister – imported from Sweden, and not available here. Catherine thought it was ironic that she brought a cookbook loaded with wheat/gluten flours to her celiac-riddled sister, but I LOVE IT.

A thank-you card and million-dollar chocolate bar from one of my students.

Blossoming friendships with people I’ve met on the internet.  (You know who you are.)

Karen Walrond, author of The Beauty of Different, otherwise known as Chookooloonks, is coming to town.  I’ll be at the Lucid Lounge to meet/support her on Sunday night (and listen to some great jazz).  You could come, too!

Story songs in country music with beautiful, surprising, or heart-squeezing twists.  Try You Should Have Seen It In Colour or Riding with Private Malone.

Gypsy Girls Guide Manifesto

What delights you these days?


    • The manifesto will soon be available as a poster, and I am thinking it belongs in my office/work space.

      Your delights are lovely – thank you for sharing them. (The P&P soundtrack should be here Sunday – yay!)

  • Today I was delighted that I helped a student stop saying “OK” as I helped her with a problem and got her to tell me that “No I don’t get it can we go through it together again”

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