revealed: my life list

So today I share my life list.

As I prepared “the list” page tab above ↑, I realised I had more than 100 items.

Perfectly alright, of course.

Then I really looked at each item.  There were a few that no longer fit, and it didn’t feel authentic to leave them there.

These items for example:

  • hike the Pacific Crest Trail – with my injured/arthritic knees, this no longer seems like a good idea; even if I have knee-replacement surgery, I doubt I’ll want to make such an arduous journey – but I would like to dance
  • look good naked – this was in response to a billboard ad I saw for a gym when I lived in Toronto; I was 22 at the time – there is not a chance I didn’t look good naked, but I didn’t know that then
  • go skydiving – this has migrated to my f*ck-it list
  • cycle the STP  (Seattle-to-Portland race) – not likely to happen – see knees, above;  I really like to ride my bicycle, but in a flat-terrain-no-cars way, not a you’re-going-so-far-you’ll-need-a-support-vehicle way

I took those things off the list.

Of the items I’ve left, some I may not ever do, but they still intrigue me.  I’ve added things that thrill me.  I expect I’ll add more.  There are things on the list I’ve already done.  Plenty of time to cross them off – and celebrate – as I tell the stories here.

And now, the list.


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