right now (right then)

My chai is so hot it would blister my tongue if I sipped it this minute.  I continue to order it this hot, as the window when I will enjoy drinking it is largest this way.  Also, I enjoy the smell of it steaming.

In the comfy chair next to mine, a woman is twitching with annoyance, muttering at her phone, and fidgeting her feet.  I want to reach out and tell her it will be okay, but what do I know about her life?  Who am I to offer such assurances?

There is a stunningly beautiful bald woman speaking to the manager of the coffee shop as they look at duelling laptops.  She is maybe 30 or 40 – it’s hard to tell – her skin is smooth, luminous, unlined, but there is also something timeless and wise and lovely about her, something independent of whether or why she has no hair.

My husband is working from home, getting ready for a conference call, and looking forward to the grande-white-chocolate-mocha-no-whip I will bring home with me.  This is his snack, a treat that will break up the afternoon and hold him until dinner so he doesn’t develop the rumblies only hands can satisfy*.

*Right now: I apologise for sharing that link.  My warped sense of humour thinks it is funny.  I know, I know: what is wrong with me?

I am more dressed up than a regular work-at-home day, because I have been at the high school for one of my two-days-a-week in AVID classes.

Also, I am glowing a little because the gal who rang up my chai complimented me on looking so festive – and now I feel festive.

The song playing is Airplanes by Local Natives from the album Gorilla Manor.  I love that coffee shops show me new music mixed with old favourites.  (The next song was Alison by Elvis Costello.)

I wonder if my new haircut is just a smidge longer in the back on the right side than the left and I wish I could stop tormenting myself with that question.

My daughter is probably playing Wii with a friend, but I don’t know for sure because she has become such an independent sort and does not check in with me as often as she used to.  This is likely good preparation for college.

The drizzly grey light seeping in the windows requires me to find my hope and cheer elsewhere.  Fortunately, I am able to do this.

What is going on right now for you?

Disclaimer: I wrote this post on Friday.  So this was actually a “right now” for then.  I still like it.

This post was inspired by Tara Thayer at public::bookstore.  Somewhen I found her blog and added it to my still-barely-reasonable subscription list.

Today Friday, while I sipped a chai and entertained myself with Google Reader – best use of a smartphone in my book – I came across this lovely, brilliant post. Her site is filled with observations, noticing, abundant gorgeous photos, musings, and gratitude.


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