the kind you seek, the kind you keep

On my life list, I mentioned wanting to do a Story Corps interview.

People have shared some truly wonder-filled conversations with Story Corps. Most of the recordings are simple audio, question and answer, stories shared between loved ones.

Often these recordings contain surprises.

Recently, Story Corps animated some of the interviews.

One of my favourites:  Love letters in Brooklyn.

This is the kind of love we look for, the love we want to keep, to cherish. Danny and Annie’s story cannot help but touch your heart.

Sometimes it is not the grand gestures, but the simple things, the ways we are seen and known, that show us how we are loved.

We all have our fears and anxieties – it is good to be reassured.  Check out this little snippet of conversation (from last summer):

Sarah B on comfort.

How do you find comfort?  How do you shine your love in the midst of the sometimes-trudge of the everyday?


  • Treating curbs like balance beams. Give a shopping cart a little push and jump on board—and shreak as I just barely miss that expensive sports car.
    I shine my love into the world by hugs.

    • I love those images. One of these days, I am going to follow you to the grocery store and make some awesome video of you and a grocery cart and your narrow miss.

      A hug is a good thing.

  • It truly is the little things – when I’m in the shower, my husband will toss my robe in the dryer for a couple minutes and wrap me in the fuzzy warmth when I’m done.

    But agree with everything in the comment above – I’ve done those things. And they really do lift your day. My daughter isn’t even 2 yet and she has already started walking on curbs like they’re balance beams. Kids really know what works.

    • Oh, Judy, that is such a tender thing for your husband to do.

      Kids are connected to the magic, for sure – always an inspiration. Part of me stays four years old for just this reason.

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