in love that long

That is the title of a Rumi poem, from a book of translated poems called The Glance: Songs of Soul-Meeting.

I gave the book to Ed, seven years ago on Valentine’s, because we have been “in love that long”.  With some people, you just know.

I have come to realise that this soul-meeting can happen with anyone, with anything in our lives.

We can share it with a romantic partner, with a sister or brother, with a beloved old dog, with the students in a classroom, with a dear friend, with a homeless person at the freeway exit, with a new creative project.

With our own fear.

And our lives are richer for knowing this soul-meeting – for being this vulnerable.

It takes great compassion to meet another in this way.  It may take even greater compassion to travel inward and meet our own selves in this way.

Have a cookie for the journey.

Update: there are some wonderful loving posts out there today.

Marianne Elliott writes brilliantly about the importance of loving ourselves.  Not so much that we should love ourselves first, as that, in loving ourselves, we are able to love others.

Brené Brown intends to rework this day as Generosity Day, extending it to make Generosity Week. (Brené is also giving away two sets of her books/DVD.) Here, here.

Laini Taylor is renaming this Happy Smooch Day.  I endorse each of her recommendations.  (She has a book about kisses, also.)

Xanthe Berkeley share a Valentine love photo shoot, complete with three adorable gals dressed up in pink and red and ivory, with hearts and butterflies and high heels and cupcakes.  Yeah, they did.  (Thank you, Tea, for the link.)

And this song by Macy Gray – Beauty in the World. “There’s love. There’s hope for us. And there’s beauty in the world.”  YES.

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