if you want to do me a solid, there’s a pile of shoes by the door

“George,* would you like something to drink?”

“Sure,” he answers.

A thick silence spreads across the kitchen. A weighty look passes between my daughter and her friend.

George has been coming to our house long enough now that I felt completely comfortable saying to him,

George, Sure is not the same as Yes or Yes, please or even No, thank you. ‘Sure’ says that you are doing me a favour.

Do not do me any favours here.

I offered you a beverage. In making that offer, I was essentially going to do you a favour. And I am happy to do so. Although, somewhat less so when you answer with, ‘Sure.’

He looks suitably chagrined.

My daughter turns around and challenges him with raised eyebrows and a loaded, “See?”

While that might not have been strictly necessary, we all laugh.  Clearly, she has already mentioned that this is a sore point with me.

During my senior year of high school, I was a ward of the state and lived with a girlfriend and her family. On one of my first afternoons at their home, I was offered a snack. I made the mistake of answering with a non-committal, “Sure.”

My friend’s mother had MS, and had a hard time getting around. Looking back, I remember that I didn’t want to take up any more room or cause any more work than was absolutely necessary.  Instead, I earned myself a passionate lecture – one I never forgot.

It appears I’ve just offered the same lecture.

So, I try again.

“George, would you like something to drink?”

A lesser lad would say, “No,” with the lowest profile possible.

To his credit, the boy says, “Yes, please.”

And I happily pour a glass.

*names changed to protect the not-so-innocent


    • Oh, thank you, again! My camera (Canon 40D) has a monochrome setting for B&W. Within the monochrome, you can filter for colours, or effects. This is the sepia effect. It is absolutely wonderful – warm and buttery – and does great things with skin tones. I probably upped the contrast a little, but I don’t think I did more than that in PSE7. These boots had the same effect, in the same afternoon light.

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