a walk in the snow

Last week, Ed and I had an unexpected day to ourselves.  After considering the many ways we could spend the time, we opted for a drive to Rattlesnake and a walk on Iron Horse Trail.

taken with my cell phone, using the camera alone

For Christmas last year (2009), Ed bought snowshoes for us.

We were all kinds of excited to use them, but two things got in our way.  I took a bad spill in our driveway, and there was – quite famously – nearly no snow last year.

The snowshoes kept their tags on.

This year, there was snow, but we kept finding reasons not to head to the mountains – the search for a dream house, finding and offering on one, losing it after weeks of teeth-gnashing, visits to and from Canada, job interviews.

taken with the  RetroCamera app on my cell phone, using Little Orange Box

Time to change that, and off we went.

As we tracked further east, gaining elevation, we saw little pockets of snow in the shady hollows.  Those pockets expanded and grew together until there was a thin blanket of white covering the ground.

Well off the freeway, at the end of a steepish winding two-lane, we found the parking lot covered in ruts of icy snow.  We had the only car there.

taken with the RetroCamera app, using Fudge Cam

Through the woods, and up another rise, we arrived at Iron Horse.  This used to be a train track bed; now it’s a wide, flat, level trail that goes for more than 100 miles, enjoyed by folks on feet (two or four), mountain bikes, cross-country skis, and – if the conditions are right – snowshoes.

We didn’t bring the snowshoes.

I know.

taken with RetroCamera app, using Fudge Cam

But we did enjoy a walk in the chilly air, noticing that the trees and bushes up there are not as close to spring as the woods closer to home.

I’ve used RetroCamera for some time, and the effects are fun – not like my SLR, of course, but a great change of pace.

taken with RetroCamera app, using Little Orange Box

My new favourite photo app for the Droid is PhotoBooth, which creates a strip of four shots, taken three seconds apart.

So. Much. Fun.

I love this one of the two of us.  For a family of photographers, we have too few shots of us together (other than getting engaged or married).

Oh, and we kissed in the snow.

Well worth the drive.




  • Aw! Maybe you are inspired to go back with your snowshoes one time? Our snow is melting fast and I think ski season will be over soon.

    • Yes! Absolutely inspired for that. Not sure how much longer we’ll have the snow to play in. It’s pretty crusty on top now, and melting fast, so not really a good application for snow shoes. But, we are SURE to dig them out next year.

      Plum blossoms showed up here in the last two days. Something spring this way comes.

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