how to make it better? come together.

Wandering around the internet, it would be easy to believe we are a shallow, self-centered, miserly species.

I know this is not so.

Or at least, I know that there is so much more to us.

We are also a sensitive, compassionate, generous people, given to expressing our humanity.

Exhibit A

Amy Krouse Rosenthal (on Mission Amy KR), sent a wave of strength, hope, and love to Japan.  This was her request.

Here is the result:


Exhibit B

Walk for Aidan – 21 May 2011.

The students at Sammamish High School are at it again.

When a beloved teacher announced that his young son had been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the students responded by creating a community event and fundraiser.  They wanted to show their support to Mitch Leffler and his family, and they wanted to do something Real.

I wrote about this a couple of years ago.

Every year, the event grows.  Every year, the students run it.  Every year, we are closer to a cure for Aidan and boys like him.

This is the promotional video for the 2008 event.

The short trailer for this year’s event isn’t ready yet.  But the organizers recently spent some time with Aidan and his family.

(I haven’t figured out how to embed the new video, but you can see it on facebook.  Agh.  Facebook is taking over.)

Click to see/hear how the Lefflers are doing now. Also, hear Aidan and members of the school community sing Come Together.


Exhibit C

Lens on Life

Stephanie Roberts and Jen Lemen are two of the photographers behind Shutter Sisters and the book Expressive Photography.  They have travelled to Rwanda, Tanzania, and Nepal with their Picturing Hope project.

They could not return unchanged from those travels, and have started a non-profit called Lens on Life.

This is their first project.

Cultivating Hope at Koseli School, Kathmandu, Nepal

Stephanie talks more about what they are doing here.

Learn even more and find out how you can get involved here.

See what I mean?  Hope, promise, community.  Come together.


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