vagina-havers have something to say

Yep. I said vagina.  Out loud.  On the internet.

This video is powerful.  Not because women are saying vagina.  That’s just anatomically correct terminology for a body part.

Is left ventricle funny? Does femur make you uncomfortable?

I didn’t think so.

The power comes from women articulating the value of safe, affordable, respectful health care.

For their bodies. Including the vagina.

The power comes from naming Planned Parenthood as a provider of medical care, health care, and education.

For women’s bodies. Including the vagina.

And it’s not about trading sex for health care.

It’s about taking care of our bodies – including the vagina.  It’s about sharing sex only with people who also value our sexual health.

The overwhelming majority of those voting about the future of funding to Planned Parenthood don’t have vaginas.

They need to hear from those of us who do.

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