i believe in good

I believe in the inherent good in each of us, in the natural world around us, and in the things we build and create.

I believe in the pileated woodpecker, knocking holes in the tree trunk outside my kitchen window.

I believe in the bond between my daughter and her two closest friends, all on the brink of what comes next.

I believe in the gentleman who held the door for me and my packages at the post office.

I believe in the high school students putting on a fundraiser for a child in their community.

I believe in song, drum beats, dance, and the healing power of music.

I believe in romance, love notes, and poetry.

I believe in home-made jam, company for dinner, and board games.

I believe in farm houses, old barns, and split-rail fences.

I believe in community, mentors, and sharing our stories.

I believe in kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

I believe in good.


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