cool, cool summer*

The last couple of months have been full.

Full of






and a visit with Catherine on her last visit home from Sweden before she moves back to Canada.

Other than being sick, these have all been wonderful things, full of celebration and laughter and happy tears.  Being present for the events and the feelings they bring up has been awesome, and at times, has taken all I had.  Sometimes I even forgot to take pictures.  I know, right?

Now, I am just getting to feel “caught up” and it’s time to get ready for Kristina’s move to

I know September will be considerably less full of these types of events.  The things I have in mind for September are creative and self-paced. I know that I may well need to make time for grief.  More on that another time.

For now, the pages are starting to fill up in my journal again, after a documenting/reflecting/integrating hiatus following the trip to Greece.  I expect some of that writing will show up on the blog soon, along with the much-requested photos of Greece.

For an early peek, check out a selection of Kristina’s photos on her blog.

I often feel photo envy when I see someone else’s photos taken from the same trip/event I shot: a different viewpoint and perspective, different camera and settings.  I have it again.  Kristina is a very talented photographer, especially adept at catching the details that make a place.  Enjoy her shots for now.

*Documented here.  (It’s getting better now.)


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