she has taught me well, young padawan

Kristina had a few friends over, cramming in the last few visits before they all went off to college.

I was getting dressed.  This used to be a harder thing for me than it is now – so many decisions – but I still sometimes have doubts.

I walk down the hall to the kitchen – ever the gathering place in our home.  I am wearing a v-neck black sweater, a knee-length red skirt with quite a swirly-swish to it, and two different shoes.

“What will I do when you go to college?”

She looks up.  “What do you mean?”

“Who will help me decide?  Who will be my teenage fashion consultant?”

Always thinking, she answers, “We can always Skype.”

“So?”  I stand there, pointing.  “Which shoes?”

“The leopard.”  I am about to ask why, when she corrects herself.

“No. With the black sweater, the black ones.”

“Yes, exactly! That’s what I thought.”  I am congratulating myself, as if I have just passed a difficult test.  “The leopard works better with the line of the skirt, but with the black sweater, the black shoes are better.”

There is a small lift, a slight question at the end of my fashion statement.

“See?” she says.  “You’ll be fine when I leave. I have taught you well.”


about the photo

I took the first test shots on the back deck in the shade, then walked to the front porch because I thought the tile might make a better background.  It does. But the porch was in blazing sunlight.  And I didn’t adjust, so this has a shutter speed so fast it’s a bit silly.

Canon 40D 24-70mm lens @32 mm | aperture 2.8 | shutter 1/8000 | ISO 320


  • Not to disagree with the fashion mavine(sp) but I think the animal print rocked me better because of the match of the pedicure.

    • I totally see what you are saying, and if you only saw the bottom half of the outfit, that was the obvious choice. Yet… the top was part of the outfit. Won’t matter soon, as we’ll be in boots and our pedicures will be a beautiful vestige of a hazy summer memory.

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