what do you have faith in?

I asked him this question, the night we became lovers.

We had wedged ourselves into a claw-foot bathtub, enjoying the romance of the idea, but dismayed by how little water was left in the too-tiny tub with us.

There was a long silence.

“Myself,” he answered.

This was a revelation. This was not an answer I had considered or expected.

After a while, he asked me back. “Trees,” I answered.

This was also revealing. This was not an answer he had considered or expected.

We talked more of these things, of faith and understanding and tenderness, and many others.  We still do.

This video shows some of what I meant about trees, and captures much of what I felt when, a few years later, we visited the redwoods.

I discovered the video here, on Gwen Bell’s site. As Gwen did, I urge you: if you scrolled right past that video, please go back and settle in for three minutes.

And do click it up to full screen.


    • Thank you for stopping by, Heather. I am so thrilled with the #chookfinder community, and with the work we’ve all been doing. My journal is full, but the blog posts have been, um, light. Fuel for the creative fire, though!

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