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When I was shopping for dorm care packages for my daughter, I wandered into Fireworks, which is more like a gallery than a store. (Apparently their site is down for maintenance, but do check back – it is a lovely place.)

I am not a mall rat. I don’t particularly enjoy shopping, especially if it involves trying on clothes in a changing room with shrinking walls.

Not my thing.

Fireworks is another story. I will brave the mall for Fireworks. And because I do not go very often, when I am there, I cover every square inch of that store.

(Bonus: nothing to try on. Except cute handbags. Which I cannot believe I just said, because I was never the person to even notice a great bag until about two years ago. Anyway.)

On the sale table at the back, there were Gorillapods. Which you really need only if you are taking photos of yourself. Which I don’t. Or do I?

On a whim, and with reference to this niggling idea, I bought one. At 50% off. And last week, I tried it out.

Clearly, I need some practice. Which I am going to give myself. And hopefully have something to celebrate when I get better at it.


about the photo

I hooked the Gorillapod to the iron window-box frames out back by the (ancient) apple tree, then set the self-timer, using the program for three shots in a burst.  Must read the manual to figure out how long the intervals are – I don’t quite have it figured out.  See also: where to stand.

Canon PowerShot SD 1200 @ 19mm | aperture 4.9 | shutter 1/25 | ISO 400


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