looking at football in a whole new way

I didn’t like football.

Oh, I tried to, but I didn’t understand it. A boyfriend would encourage me to watch the game with him, and then shush me – shush me! – when I asked questions. What was that foul? Why was it such a large penalty? What is a blitz? Why are you yelling? At me?

Saturdays in autumn became me-time. And I was fine with that. I walked in the woods, kicking crisp leaves and inhaling the loamy smells. I sat in coffee shops, filling journals with storytelling, or catching up with girlfriends.

Until Ed.

He isn’t a big sports fan. He doesn’t determine the seasons by what ball is being thrown, kicked, bounced, or whacked around. He doesn’t start a new conversation with, “So, how about them Seahawks?”

Except college football, and specifically Notre Dame football.

This is part of him.

Four years at Notre Dame, with a national championship his senior year, have embedded the traditions in his DNA. (Truly – his father is a Notre Dame alum, as well.)

Early in our romance, Ed asked if I’d like to watch a game with him. I hesitated. I didn’t like football, you see. Or did I? How could I know? I explained this to Ed.

And he started explaining the game to me.

I still ask him questions. He still answers, with grace and calm and humour.

Now I can yell at the refs TV with the best of them.

And, man, do I care about that Notre Dame team! They are proud, strong, bold student-athletes. Some of them are so very young. At Notre Dame, they are students first.

We’ve talked for years of going to Notre Dame on a football weekend – to watch the game, partake of game-day traditions, tour the campus, see the place that is so much a part of this man I love.

We finally did it! And I’ll have more on that in another post.

about the photo(s)

I carried the point+shoot rather than lug around the DSLR on the big tour. My bag still had a lot in it – what with layers, programs, water and snacks, etc. At least the camera was small. Naturally, we had to take a myspace-type picture. This will have to do for the self-portrait, this week.  A kindly usher offered to take a real photo of us. And did a very nice job.

Canon PowerShot SD 1200 @6mm | aperture 2.8 | shutter 1/320 | ISO 80


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