love your tree

The fabulous Eve Ensler.

We accept as truth that all women struggle with body image. The real truth is that women in our culture struggle with body image.

I love the wisdom in the story Eve tells.

And I wonder what it would take for all women in so-called developed countries to really, truly embrace this idea – that our bodies are a gift, collectively and individually.

What would happen if we opened them with anticipation, flushed with gratitude, and then enjoyed the hell out of them? What would that world feel like?


  • I will challenge myself to love my body every day because it just is. When I stand back and consider my body as the amazing biological miracle that it is I am in awe. It is in those moments when I try to put myself into that Western notion of “beautiful” that I fall short of remembering the awe. I need to create a new mental box that is labeled with reference to the awesomeness that is. I think a small step will be to place a picture of tree at the top of the box. Today I think I will be a dogwood in my full autumn colors.

  • What if indeed!
    it would feel awesome!
    i am interested in participating in that adventure.

    i love this video, the message and the vernacular used to share it.

    i also love you.

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