an unexpected sunny day, and a seagull

Today I met one of my students at a local park for a pro bono senior photo shoot. It was spontaneous and unexpected. I wasn’t even sure it would happen, as the forecast was for rain. She doesn’t have a cell phone, so we had no way of checking in or confirming.

We just had to trust that we would each be where we said we would be.

How retro.

The day dawned with fog, chased on its way by the rising sun. By the afternoon, a blue bowl of sky rose over the park, where kids and ducks chased each other, and everyone smiled – this is a rare day in the Northwest this time of year.

Tomorrow, I’ll go through the photos from the shoot, and I’ll only share them if she’s okay with it.

For now, these are some of my favourite snaps from my wander while I waited.


about the photos

I brought a selection of lenses with me for this shoot – two primes for portraits, and also something flexible enough for a range of shots at each location, where I might not have the freedom to be the human zoom because of water features at the park.  All of these were shot with the Canon 40D.

Canon 24-70 2.8L @ 50mm | aperture 3.2 | shutter 1/3200 | ISO 160
Canon 24-70 2.8L @ 24mm | aperture 14 | shutter 1/80 | ISO 160
Canon 100mm 2.8L | aperture 9 |shutter 1/60 | ISO 160
Canon 100mm 2.8L | aperture 4.5 |shutter 1/125 | ISO 160
Canon 100mm 2.8L | aperture 4 |shutter 1/3200 | ISO 200


  • Days like this weekend remind me that I live in an amazingly beautiful part of the world. I am extremely grateful for those days and will try to keep the memory alive as we head into days that aren’t wuite so energizing!!! Oh and my tree today—hardy Oak.

    • I love your tree. Time to shed those leaves (and that nasty sinus thing).

      And we can help each other remember the good stuff. Cheers, friend.

    • Thank you, C. Your snow shots are beautiful. And yes, I hear you about wanting to keep the colour. It is so green here – I think Kristina will miss the green when the leaves are all gone. There is a lot of grey where she is, when the trees are bare.

      Maybe really colourful scarves and hats and mittens will help?

  • beautiful beautiful beautiful photos sister! Wow you are a gifted photographer.

    I am certain that the person you photographed, felt special and so very fortunate to have your assistance and creative genius that beautiful day.

    you are so awesome. xo

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