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I’ve heard over the years that Frank Sinatra was a bit of a dick. That he was brilliantly talented, and handsome as all get out, is not in dispute.

But kind? Not according to the stories.

Kristina turned me on to this today.  We watched it together, and loved all the same parts.

We agree – Tony Bennett seems like everyone’s favourite Grampa. He wasn’t always Grampa-age, of course, and I’ve heard he had his own female following. But he wasn’t part of the Rat Pack. Maybe that’s how he stayed a nice guy?

Duets that bring older singers to a new audience work. I loved Genius Loves Company with Ray Charles. This Lady Gaga track is from Tony Bennett’s second duets album.

Even contemporary performers, such at Norah Jones, are trying it out.

I could make commentary about how it’s good for our culture to see inter-generational storytelling, and to collaborate creatively, and to value the experience and wisdom of our elders.

But that only flies if the music is good.

And the music on this album? Is good.

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  • lovely.

    and lady gaga’s dress is gorgeous… and with millions of tiny buttons in the back, it is surely an item that is not ideally suited for undressing alone 😉

    wink wink.

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