this is country music*

I know a lot of people who say, “I like any kind of music. As long as it’s not country.”

They are seriously missing out.

Some of the best storytelling is in country music.

Tonight, Jason Aldean won CMA recognition for his most recent album, My Kinda Party. I’ve been a fan since his first album, and he just keeps getting better.

Earlier this year, he did a Crossroads special with Bryan Adams, who said if it weren’t for the cowboy hat and boots, Jason Aldean would be a rocker.

I get that.

But Jason Aldean said it was about the stories.

I agree. Stories, like this one, from his first album.

Or this one, which might be my favourite song from all four albums.

That’s what makes it country.

(As a side note, I like nearly every other kind of music, too.)

*This is a reference to a Brad Paisley song from last year’s CMA Awards show.

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  • it was the storytelling that converted me from being a closet case country music liker to a being a full-on-out-in-the-open country music lover.


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