the company of a friend

Yesterday morning a dear friend came over to my house for coffee. And tea. And a couple of these little treats.

And conversation.

Our visits usually consist of a long walk, a drink of choice at the Starbucks out by the highway, and a walk that always feels shorter on the way back. Occasionally followed by a tall glass of water and some more visiting at home.

This time together is a gift.

Neither of us are 100% right now, and the walk felt too long on top of what else our days held. We planned to stay put.

I don’t think we planned to fall so deep into conversation.

Glory, the conversation.

We cover everything in our talks: education, parenting, romance, in-laws, outlaws, exercise, health, the post office, holidays, cars, dogs, politics, idiots (oh, wait…), home improvement, self-improvement, the red boots I’ve always wanted to have, books and movies, and so much more.

To be heard in this way, to listen in this way, these are tremendous gifts.

Maybe next time we will walk out to the Starbucks. It’s okay either way.

Thank you, friend, for all the words woven between us.

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