stream of consciousness re: gravity

Sometimes when things fall on the ground, we joke, “Gravity sucks.”

Either that or, “Hurry up and get it before the dog does.”

Which reminds me of a melamine plate and mug set my little sisters used as toddlers. The plate had a rim, with a Muppet in the middle, and the message around the outside read, “Eat it up quick before Grover gets it.”  Poor grammar notwithstanding, it was pretty cute.

Sometimes things suck. Then I am reminded of the law of conservation of suck.

(Hey, that was cool. If I type in “the law of conservation of suck,” my post comes up in the first half dozen or so results on Google.)

Also, this song.

No, the song did not come up in the Google search on conservation of suck. It comes up when I think about Gravity.

So beautiful. Nothing about this sucks. We love Vienna Teng – she’s one of the few performers I’ve ever seen more than once.

Well, okay. I’ve seen Crosby Stills Nash & Young three times. I’m not a total hippie. It just worked out that way.

See how this stream of consciousness thing works?


  • You know I am almost 100% certain that we could write up an article on this law and get it published in some scientific journal. I mean really, I can easily find the right “sciencey” words, make some graphs, complete with result analysis. We will be famous, even if only for a moment.

    • Yes! And then we can do something collaborative with vlogbrothers and Nerdfighteria to decrease world suck. But in more sciencey words, maybe?

  • Elizabeth scooped me on the law of conservation of suck.

    Also: I like the new format. Grad students are encouraged to write every day so they don’t get stuck with a thesis mountain at the end of their studies. Seems good for blogs too.

    • Good ideas get shared. Not always with attribution. We need to Link with Love.

      Also, thank you for noticing! There is something specific at work here, an experiment of sorts. I think it will inspire some good things. I’ll say more about that at the end of the month.

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