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A while back, here and on twitter, I alluded to a day of epic world suck. My post was a little obscure.

It was in response to something like a perfect storm of emotional overload.

I worked with my students that day, and heard stories of things kids should not have to endure. I watched this video. I looked through nearly thirty years of family photos for a project my sister is working on.

I was a raw hot mess of tears and sadness and loss and sheer protective rage that kids are being thrown under the bus for adult needs, to serve adult agendas.

The next day, I put out a request on facebook for people to tell kindness stories – I needed something to shift the balance.

They did. And it helped.

I know Patience Salgado (kindnessgirl.com) would approve.

We need to tell our kindness stories, loud and proud. They are far more interesting than The Bachelor, add more to our lives than sports scores, and remind us of our shared humanity.

Kindness can be experienced, given, witnessed, received – it all counts.

Kristina left care packages for me before she went to college, knowing there would be hard days. Ed determined that particular Thursday to be one of those days.

This was the last of the packages. I had been “saving” it. Ed knew better.
It was the exactly right thing.

His name is Wippy. He is an ugly doll. Here is his story.

Dude, like seriously for real, Wippy is looking out for you. Every time you see Wippy you might as well shout out, “Good Lookin’ out!” because he probably did something remarkable for you without your even being aware of it! In fact, most of the time… you’ll swear Wippy’s done absolutely nothing for you. That’s how stealth his awesome forces of assistance are for real though!

Remember that time you were all depressed and wondering when things were going to turn around? I know, huh. Anyway, Wippy’s got you.

I have my mojo back now. Kindness helped.

What is your kindness story today?


  • wow, i missed these posts about your students. probably i was away and i can’t catch up once i return, i start at zero. 🙂

    also, that gift and letter from your daughter made me tear up. I want to meet you because I want to know how to raise a daughter like that. You did something exceptional.

    • You didn’t miss anything, Dorothy. That post was from two years ago. I mention my students from time-to-time, but that was a post that described some of the work I do more fully.

      I know what that is like to get or feel behind on the reader – posts accumulate so quickly! At some point, it’s better to just reset. Good for you!

      The gift from Kristina made me tear up, too, but in a better way than I had been. She’s a good one, for sure. I would love to get together. Let’s find a SODO-area café where we can meet.

    • My hero!

      Kristina has now given me two pink ugly dolls. She says she does not choose them by colour, rather, by their message. The other one is Uppy. He’s very positive, with wiggly horn-ears. Now that I look more closely, his digits are not so pronounced. Hmmmm.

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