book choice: crossing jordan

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a group of middle school girls who wanted to start a book group.

Mocha Momma tells me that the girls have made their first book selection: Crossing Jordan, by Adrian Fogelin. Eleven copies have been ordered from Better World Books, and are now on their way to the girls.

From the publisher:

Cass is dreading a long, lonely summer until Jemmie and her family move in next door. The two girls hit if off right away, but there’s just one probem: their parents don’t want them socializing with each other.

The two girls challenge each other to a race, and soon they secretly become best friends. Cass quickly realizes that a summer with Jemmie will be anything but boring. But when echoes of the past and voices from the present threaten to separate them, Cass and Jemmie must prove how far they’ll go to save their friendship.

Adrian Fogelin’s unforgettable characters make us laugh, yet poignantly remind us of fences that too often continue to separate us from one another.

I have the feeling the book group girls will go well beyond a simple Did you like the book? discussion. Also, I’m curious what they’ve decided to call their group.


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