power of words: on being selfish

One of my new favourite blog crushes is Britt Reints, Miss Britt from In Pursuit of Happiness.

A few days ago, she wrote about 5 Beliefs That Can Stop You From Being Happy – brilliant stuff, and all good reminders for me, particularly as we head into a time filled with extra potential for over-doing it.

Under the heading, “Being selfish is bad,” Britt wrote:

The “selfish” person to avoid is the one whose happiness must come at the expense of your own.

Here, here. Let’s remember to take care of ourselves – gently – each day.

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  • oddly perhaps, sometimes given yourself the assignment of taking care of yourself, gently, can be some of the most challenging homework to do. sometimes it can feel like the harddest homework ever, and yet also perhaps some of the most worthwhile and rewarding.

    i am committed to learning to love myself, and show that gentle love to myself, better and better everyday. it is awesome, and not without its challenges.

    selfish need not be a swear word, but where i cam from it is very nearly that.

    you are awesome, and i admire your commitment to learning to be gentle and loving with yourself.

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