sometimes, it’s like that

Taken somewhere in the desert – Sonora, Mexico, 1992.

I was pregnant with Kristina when I took this, somewhere between making ears and elbows, and forming her teeth and eyelids.


  • And just when I thought she looked a lot like her mama—but no, you looked at cows at the most inopportune time!!
    Just kidding!! I really don’t think Kristina has the ears or elbows of a cow.
    MOL (texting for cows)

    • For a moment there, I thought you might be calling me a cow. Either that, or you were commenting on Kristina’s dental work. She has an orthodontist who would take issue with that.


      Whenever I see cows from a car, I call out, “COW!”

      It’s the corollary to my favourite Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson. The one where the first panel had cows in a field standing upright on two legs, talking and drinking martinis; the second was a scout cow shouting “CAR!” and they all dropped to four legs, looked stupid, and chewed grass; then the third where the shout of “CLEAR!” went up, and the cows returned to their cocktail party.

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