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National Blog Post Month

I wasn’t really sure I could do it.

At the beginning of the month, I was afraid to say I was going to do it, in case it was (yet) another project I bailed on.

In public.

So I just did it. One day at a time. Okay, a few posts were very late in the day. But I posted on this blog every day in November.

Every. Single. Day. Go me!

Now I kind of want to shout it from the rooftops. It is neither a huge nor significant accomplishment in itself, but it is both huge and significant to me, to have done it.

Some things I learned/noticed along the way:

  • It’s fun to create a lot.
  • It’s way easier to let go of perfect when I’m posting quick + dirty.
  • I have a lot of writing ideas. I don’t develop nearly all of them.
  • It’s okay to have both long-form and short posts – variety is interesting.
  • It’s easier to share my photos if I post more often.
  • Photos are part of my storytelling gift.
  • Writing more often made my writing better, looser, more relaxed.
  • Writing more made me want to write more.
  • I definitely don’t want to post every day, all the time.
  • I’ll likely do this again – it was very stimulating.

Thank you for reading along with me. (And thank you to Catherine, who noticed the deluge of posts in her reader and congratulated me on it.)


  • Congrats!
    I like the shotgun approach – blast away and most of it will hit something. A few years ago Graham bought me Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Tent’. Margaret Atwood is hugely prolific, in novels, poetry, short stories, essays, letters to the editor, Mayor, Prime Minister etc. I love me some Margaret Atwood, but ‘The Tent’ is seriously her doodle notepad that I don’t think would have been published if it didn’t have her name on it. The best thing about it is to see that acknowledged literary geniuses also produce half-baked doodles like the rest of us.

  • How do you think the meeting went with her publisher:
    “of course they will buy it! …I’m MARGARET FUCKING ATWOOD!”

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