three things on a thursday


Since we returned from the airport, Kaylah has been looking behind us when we come in the door. Dogface knows that Kristina was just here. She is impatient for Kristina to be the next person to walk through the door. Soon, pup, soon.


This. So creative. My favourite is the toy with the mouse. You’ll see.


Paper sculpture fascinates me – it is such a seemingly ephemeral medium, vulnerable to the elements. Yet people create amazing, sophisticated art pieces with simple materials + tools and extraordinary imagination.

Mysterious paper sculptures
photo credit: Chris Scott, click photo for flickr source

Read the whole mystery of how these paper sculptures started appearing at book-friendly places all over Scotland in March of this year. What a treasure one of these would be. (The dragon + egg is posted here especially for Kristina.)

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  • Why is it that something so simple can be so sublime? I know making it was not simple but its simplicity makes it grand. Slightly teary because I felt like a soulmate with the little guy and loved how his buddies aided him in taking the journey. Thank you friend this was exactly what I needed this morning.

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