oh, that michael bublé

Michael Bublé rocks. And swings. And croons.

He’s a real charmer.

I was already a big fan of his music and the way he is bringing a new audience to jazz and swing standards, taking them out for a spin.

When Kristina came home for Thanksgiving, she brought his just released Christmas album with her.

It is just the thing. (Except – it must be said – for Santa Baby. I’m sorry. No. That is a song for a woman to sing. It’s a little bit naughty that way. MB singing, “Santa Buddy,” does not work for me.)

The rest of the release is perfect though. It will see a lot of airtime at our house this season.

Today I saw this. The look on Michael Bublé’s face (you’ll know when) is priceless.

It’s perfect for a make-it-better Monday. Or any day.

Lord help me, I even love his cursing.

(Can’t seem to embed the video. Click here to watch on youtube.)


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