return to the days of Mordor

These last few weeks before the turning of the season are pretty dark.

To be fair, the first few weeks after the solstice will be pretty dark also, but we will know intellectually – and maybe viscerally – that things have changed.

Today, we woke to fog which gave way to about 55 minutes of sunshine before the clouds rolled in.

It has been twilight ever since. Now it is nearly full dark.

It is not even 4:30.

During that 55-minute gift, I took these in our living room.
(Trader Joe’s has tiny Christmas cactus plants. I didn’t even try to resist.)


  • I heard once that to truly appreciate joy, you need to experience pain to know the difference. Maybe to truly appreciate the sun we need to know the darkness. Although I will admit, that perhaps I could figure it out with a little less darkness.

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