some seriously creative holiday cheer (updated)

In my book, this commitment to practicing and sharing their creative talents makes each of the people involved in these events very special folks indeed.

The lone saxophone at the beginning of this second video has such a haunting quality. I found myself getting a little itchy when the security guard approached. (Hint: it turns out well in the end.)

And from the service-men and -women on board HMS Ocean, a sing-along par excellence. They are expected back for Christmas this year – what a wonderful gift for them and their families.

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  • Where did my week go—I waited until this morning to watch these. Really cheered me up. Last push for the quarter. The straw sucking has been particularly energetic this quarter and the reserves are low. On the other side of the coin, I have met and work with some incredible young people who amaze me with their plans for their futures.

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