come darkness, come light

Several times in the last few days, I have been greeted with “Happy New Year”. I am grateful for this, even though we are now into the last week of January, because it feels like a grace period.

I wasn’t quite ready for the new year with all went awry in December. More than that, I was on my last nerve. I wanted something to just be easy, and easy wasn’t even in sight.

It didn’t feel like an auspicious beginning to an entire year, so I pulled the blankets over my head and hid stepped back to get some breathing room, to reassess.

It’s a lousy thing to lose your sense of humour and sleep deprivation makes everything worse. After consistently getting more sleep for a week or so now, I am re-emerging.

I took some time to work through Susannah Conway’s Unravelling 2012 (brilliant) and Joy Tanksley’s Magic of Intentions (insightful). I now have a clear sense of the coming year – all eleven-months-and-less-than-one-week of it – and I finally have one little word to share.

I was sure I had it in December, had been sure for some time but when it came time to write about it, I was stuck.

It’s a good word – REACH – but I wanted my word to flow in me, through me, from me.

I came to realize (thank you, Joy) that this word was too specific. I needed more room, more flow. (Which is funny, because that – flow – was Joy’s word last year.)

There were other great words on my contender list, words that had called to me over the last weeks or months, but none of them were IT.

I spent some time getting quiet.

I looked at my journal writing in the last while. I thought about the year past – what I learned and what I care about, what moves me to tears and what makes me laugh, what I want to have in my life and how I want to inspire others.

And then there it was. Sigh. Yes.*


Everything in me knows.

*I completely recommend contemplating these questions even if you are not seeking one little word. This was a great end/beginning of year exercise.

How many ways is light the word? What does it mean to me to have light as my one little word?

I want to lighten up – not take myself so seriously, worry less.

I want to do more of the things that light me up.

I want to light the way for others – I want to inspire with gratitude, kindness, stories that reach people, sharing of time + energy + resources.

I want to chase darkness away with light.

I want to bring more light into our home, and get out into the light more.

I want to follow, capture, and share the light with my photographs.

I want to travel lightly through life, caring for the world I live in.

And all this before I even get out a dictionary.

LIGHT: (noun)

  • brightness
  • a source of light (as a lamp) or fire (as a match)
  • the illumination from a source of light
  • daylight: daybreak: dawn
  • a way of looking at or considering something
  • enlightenment: understanding

LIGHT: (verb)

  • to set or be set on fire: ignite
  • to provide with or cause to give out light: illuminate
  • to come to rest: settle, alight, land

LIGHT: (adjective)

  • not heavy
  • of less force, quantity, intensity or volume than usual: enough
  • intended as entertainment
  • free from worries, cares, troubles
  • agile: nimble

I love these other ways of interpreting LIGHT – enlightenment (learning never ends), a new way of looking at something (love the sparks coming from this idea), agile: nimble (I can apply this to my thinking – how flexible am I?)

Some of my favourite quotes are about light. I’ll share them throughout the year, as part of keeping light in focus.

With my word chosen and shared, and the fact that things are getting much lighter Chez Scatterbeams, I feel ready to welcome 2012.

Happy New Year!


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