things I fear – updated

These are things I am afraid of.

  • falling down the stairs/over the edge
  • earthquakes
  • being apart from my family in an earthquake
  • being trapped by fire
  • people thinking I am a joke (talking about me and laughing at me)
  • my father dying without ever honestly telling my mother what he did to me
  • my mother never truly believing me
  • general anaesthetic
  • missing out/being left behind
  • tiny, dark, enclosed spaces
  • not realising/fulfilling my dreams
  • putting myself out there
  • not putting myself out there
  • choking on food when no one is around to do the Heimlich manouver*
  • introducing myself to a hero
  • venomous snakes (specifically one biting me)

*Update: in comments, Catherine links to a video showing how to safely do the Heimlich for others – or for yourself. NOTED.

This is not an exhaustive list, just the things that came to me, this past weekend, as part of a writing exercise. The corollary comes next.

What do you fear?


    • Wow. Thank you. I had no idea. When I mentioned it to Ed, he totally knew about it. And now I’m glad I know, too. That’s a public service right there.

  • Silly as it sounds—a fear I have is that someone will pull back the curtain and see that I am an imposter—followed by the PhD police revoking my degree because I am not smart enough.
    A new fear is that I have not done a good job with Sammy and that she will step out into the world and fall flat on her face.
    Both irrational but fears nonetheless.

    • Not silly at all. Fears are real, and rational has little to do with it. (See above, being afraid of doing and not doing the exact same thing.)

      You are a passionate, wonderful teacher. I know this. You are a passionate, wonderful mother. I’ve seen this. I see YOU.

  • I can help with the next to last fear in your list. Just follow these simple steps.
    1. walk into bathroom.
    2. face mirror
    3. see that person in the mirror-simply say ” Hi my name is Bridget. I am happy to intoroduce myself to a hero.”
    4. call me immediately if the person responds cause that needs a whole new set of instructions.

    • This is truly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said or done for me. I hardly even know what to say. Wait, yes I do.

      THANK YOU. With my whole heart, thank you, for all the ways you are a friend of my heart.

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