things I do not fear

These are things I am not afraid of.

  • falling in love
  • speaking my mind
  • advocating for children
  • laughing out loud
  • holding hands
  • wearing bright colours
  • change
  • trying new things, even if I’m not good at them
  • breaking the rules
  • clowns
  • red balloons
  • spiders, bats, bees
  • my feelings
  • bodies (including the messy parts)
  • telling my story
  • affection, especially hugging
  • teenagers
  • swearing and cursing
  • being tender
  • hope

Related to this post and part of a writing exercise I did on the weekend. It was curious to have the positive list with the negative title. Something about that was intriguing.

What would be on a list of things you do not fear?


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