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A while back, Andrea Scher did a workshop at Teahouse Studio in Berkeley.

This came from the description on the website for that workshop:

First, believe THIS: you are already a creative superhero.

Next, honor THIS: you’ve got a form of personal power — your creative medicine — that can heal the world. And you don’t need to get fixed, get smarter, or get a better set of paintbrushes. You just need to begin. I’ll show you how.

You’ve got powers. You’ve got talents. You’ve got a story — and it’s about time you shared it.

I believe this, right?

Doing a workshop in Berkeley wasn’t in the cards, then. Maybe some day. I have a fantasy of living in Berkeley – where books, students, food, and creative arts cultures thrive. I’m not sure if that’s actually how Berkeley is. But oh, what if it is?

And then after this, Andrea offered a discount on an online  photo course and I debated it, even after everything I learned from taking Path Finder. (To be fair, I was sick when I saw the promotion, but I figured I’d be all better by now. I’m not.)

The course I’m taking is called Elevate the Ordinary, and started Monday. Andrea is a goddess, easing us into the course gently. I am grateful for a little gently right now.


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