I did not become an American citizen right away. In fact, I lived here for fifteen years – as a resident alien – before I decided to file the application, to make that commitment.

I still think of myself as Canadian. But somehow, over the nearly twenty years I’ve lived here, the lines between we and they have blurred. I now speak of everywhere as we – Canada and the States.

There is something I like about that – the inclusiveness of it. Now, I tend to know more about American politics than I do about events in Ottawa. Then again, I know more about political and economic events in many parts of the world than I did when I was younger, living in Canada.

When my marriage to Kristina’s father ended, many people asked me if I’d return to Canada. And I knew I wouldn’t. Somewhere along this way, this became home.

Home – here – specifically: America. Seattle. This house, in this community, shared with these people I love.

I’ve written about homecoming before. This song is more about being home, knowing home, loving home in spite of the hard times, or the mistakes – appreciating what is good, drawing together around a shared sense of belonging.

We all need to belong. We are all in this together.

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