on superpowers #10daysthx

When I was at WDS in July, I did a break-out session with Andrea Scher. To open, Andrea asked us each to introduce ourselves with our names and one of our superpowers. The range and variety of superpowers in that room was a truly wondrous thing.

With folks like that roaming around the world, I feel confidence and hope that we will be just fine.

As I pondered rehearsed what I would say, I thought about the things people say about me, what they say they are grateful for – my compassion, wizard-quality research skills, my ability to forgive, how I can make anything into a story. These things don’t feel like superpowers to me – not because I don’t see their value, but because they come naturally to me.

As such, I wondered if they were special enough to claim as superpowers. Which really means, I don’t feel special for having/doing these things; I simply feel like I’m me, being my most true self.

And maybe that is the very nature of superpowers. When we are being our most true selves, we are not fighting or straining or fitting in or rehearsing, and our energy can go into the awesome things that come naturally.

When it was my turn, I said this: my superpower is being just muppet-y enough that young people trust me and feel comfortable enough to share their stories, so I can help them see the awesome inside them.

Karen asked us to make a list of things – big or little – we’re really good at. Here is how that list looks to me today:

  • making a real (tasty) meal, even in a tiny or moving kitchen, out of whatever’s on hand
  • finding a parking spot
  • sending the just right handwritten card in the mail, to arrive precisely when it’s needed
  • being grateful (this one might be my favourite)
  • voicing a dog’s thoughts, based on their expressions and body language
  • making my husband laugh (see point about dogs)
  • showing extraordinary details from ordinary life in my photographs
  • reading children’s books with fun voices for all the characters
  • packing grocery bags

Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks has a Babble Voices column called Bliss Your Heart. In these ten days coming up to Thanksgiving, Karen is offering journalling prompts for reflections in gratitude. As you know, I love me some gratitude. I’ll be posting my reflections here. Day 2: Make a list of things you’re really good at.


  • Oo, fun!!!!
    And yes, you are good at those things though some of them I have yet to witness first hand. I did love how you instantly became that young girl,s best lipstick applying advisor in the restroom!

    • That was so fun – I felt uncertain, offering counsel on something I had only just learned myself. And then I remembered that sometimes the best way to cement learning is to teach what you’ve learned, and that you know you really know something when you can teach someone else. All that flashed in just a moment standing at the sink with her sincere question in front of me. What a treat that whole day was.

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