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Ah, the seasons. Or more to the point, the changing of the seasons. When a new season starts, it’s so much fun to get out the clothing, accessories, dishes, foods, what-have-you that make that season what it is. As the season drags on, well – that’s the rub, isn’t it? It can get to the point where it drags.

Especially if you haven’t seen the sun in months. Just saying.

Sitting in a cafe a few years ago, while Kristina wrote her SAT exams – I started a list, with the idea that it would help me remember all the things I love about that crisp, fresh, beginning time – and give me something to refer back to when things started dragging.

Later, as winter approached – winter is coming – I made another list. I always planned to do one each for spring and summer. But somehow, I don’t need as much reminding then.

100 things I love in the world – autumn

100 things I love in the world – winter

Before reading those lists again, I jotted a few thoughts on what there is to love about cooler weather, with Karen’s prompts in mind. Being grateful at the front end is good for me.

Today’s list:

  • boots with dresses
  • gingerbread
  • soups and stews with homemade biscuits
  • roast chicken
  • spiced blackberry wine (warm!)
  • the fireplace lit
  • candles – everywhere
  • the trench coat I finally bought for myself last year – the one with the cosy faux-fur collar
  • pots of chai tea whiel I write
  • flannel sheets
  • kicking leaves season
  • rosy cheeks after a walk
  • walking into a warm house
  • scarves
  • snow angels
  • snowflakes in my hair
  • marshmallows in cocoa
  • ham for thanksgiving
  • welcoming company

There is some overlap between my autumn/winter lists and my list from today. I guess I keep liking the same things.

Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks has a Babble Voices column called Bliss Your Heart. In these ten days coming up to Thanksgiving, Karen is offering journalling prompts for reflections in gratitude. As you know, I love me some gratitude. I’ll be posting my reflections here. Day 3: Write down all the things you like about cooler weather.

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