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My sister Catherine is an artist. Truly. She can create a mermaid out of sand and kelp and flowers, or a block print that shows anatomy and the interconnection of the individual with the world. Her modelling clay creations while just sitting around a table chatting are legendary. And she’s handy with a hammer, too.

With someone like that around, it can be hard for someone like me to feel creative, to feel artistic. The key is not to compare – that way lies despair (thank you, Jen Louden, for that gem). My flavour of creativity will never be like Catherine’s, and thank goodness for that.

There is room for all kinds. These are some of my ways of being creative:

  • drape a mean scarf (Seriously. I get compliments on this all the time. Suddenly, I feel stylish. Maybe this is even a superpower.)
  • create funky, arty crafts kids love to do – and I don’t mind the mess
  • make food look appealing to kids
  • layer patters/shapes with paper for a handmade card or scrapbook page (it’s been a long time since I worked on photo albums, though)
  • people say I have great handwriting – I’m just grateful they can read it
  • invent meals out of the fridge (I might not ever be able to duplicate them, but we have the memories, right?)
  • use my photos to show an aspect of ordinary life in a beautiful way you might not have noticed before
  • a way with words – I describe things in a way no one has thought of before (some people say I am weird – I’m okay with that)
  • possibility thinker – an AND girl
  • make forts with blankets and pillows (then have some of the appealing food as a picnic)
  • make hurts feel better by validating them, and having Scooby Doo bandaids to put on them
  • make room for someone else to shine and then focus attention on that
  • make awesome individual voices for children’s books I read aloud

And now that I look at this list, I feel really, really good about how creative AND artistic I am. Go, me!

Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks has a Babble Voices column called Bliss Your Heart. In these ten days coming up to Thanksgiving, Karen is offering journalling prompts for reflections in gratitude. As you know, I love me some gratitude. I’ll be posting my reflections here. Day 5: Think about and list the ways you are artistic or creative.

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