at sea

you are not broken. you do not need to be fixed.
you are wounded and you will heal.

you are whole – even if you do not feel this right now.

i see you whole and i will hold you this way until you remember.
you will heal. you are already healing.

i am here.


    • Someone close to me is going through a tough time. I said these words. Then I repeated them to another. They continue to reverberate through my days, and it occurred to me that maybe the world needed them. So, I think the honest answer is d) all of the above. They’ll have different meaning for everyone. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know how they sit with you. I am feeling these words with my whole heart.

  • Not to self….Self, do not read posts when you are proctoring, really don’t want to explain the sudden onset of tears. Thanks for this today. I will do the same for you my friend.

    • To be fair, sometimes the posts are about ninjas or being green. It’s not all heart-wrenching stuff.

      And I am always grateful, dear friend, for how you do this for me, along with the shared laughter and long walks.

    • Oh, thank you. That is high praise indeed. Art is so personal – that you see art in what I do, when you have such an artistic way of being in the world, makes my heart glow. xo

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